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We help you wherever you live abroad. As a member of the MTA organization the goal is to exceed your expectations in the most convenient way for you, as we provide world-class Hungarian medical healthcare services. Please surf a bit on the website and search for your needs amongst provided medical services in one of the most beautiful touristic attractions of Europe and the world. Connect the useful with the pleasant, discover and explore, recreate and get treatments. Visit Budapest as a spa capital, find out why it is considered to be the pearl and the queen of the Danube, and make money on your travel experience. How? Find out yourself…keep reading

You do not speak Hungarian, you do not know how to get to us? No problem. You are in good hands right after you leave your doorstep, we take care of your transportation , via air, ground and water. We look after you during your whole stay, and we provide extra services in case you are open and eager on doing extra things. We do believe that after your visit and stay, you return home with memorable and excellent travel and medical service experience.