The field of general thoracic surgery is a surgical specialty and is dedicated to diseases and injuries of the thoracic wall and all the organs in the chest with the exception of the heart and aorta. This very special field of thoracic surgery diagnoses and treats conditions of the lungs, the rib cage, and the mediastinum. These include in particular surgical management of lung cancer, lung metastases, pleural disorders (including pleural mesothelioma), deformities of the rib cage, such as funnel chest, and lung transplantation.The field of thoracic surgery is constantly undergoing further development so modern techniques such as minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery and lung-sparing surgery (including cuff resections) and laser surgery are now available.

Surgical treatment for:

  • Tumors of the lungs and pleura
  • Pulmonary emphysema (over-inflated lung)
  • Lung transplantation
  • Thoracic deformities (pigeon breast, funnel chest)
Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre

The University of Szeged and the privately owned company, UNI-MED Szeged Medical Services Kft., signed a cooperation agreement in order to achieve in the area of patient care and providing market opportunities.

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Hungarian Defence Forces – Medical Center

The Medical Center have 8 different premises where one of the most important goals is to provide high quality treatment to the patients.

To achieve this goal we always try to reach development in Medical Care, Defence Health Issues, the High level education activity and Scientific researches.

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