Going abroad for medical care

Medical tourism has been around for thousands of years. In fact, archaeological evidence from the third millennium B.C. suggests that people in ancient Mesopotamia traveled to the temple of a healing god or goddess at Tell Brak, Syriato heal eye disorders. A couple millennia later the Greeks and Romans would travel by foot or boat to spas and cult centers all over the Mediterranean. The Asclepia Temples, dedicated in honor of the Greek god of medicine, were some of the world’s first healing centers. Pilgrims would come and stay several nights praying that Asclepios would appear in a dream and provide a cure to their ailment.

You have to take a lot of things into consideration, before you decide to go for medical treatment into a foreign country. We would like to draw your attention to those things which are advised to investigate, because the goal is to exceed all your expectations. This company is the unique and exclusive partner of the Medical Tourism Association within Hungary. We set the goal, to operate in the industry of medical tourism as an easy to observe and transparent system, according to price and quality standards as well, in the international market.

What would be the most relaxing for you? If you had your own experience probably, or you heard some personal and reliable opinion from someone close to you, but your chances are pretty low? Medical Tourism Association has got the answer for you, and provides several medical institute’s and their services’ comparison. Healthcare services providing partners have to qualify a certain and very strict criteria system, which guarantees the potential clients the world class quality healthcare medical service.

Cost saving is also an important fact to keep in mind. In order to keep track of this easily you can compare one country’s medical services with the other one easily, in more severe cases more personalized price offers can be given.

We give help in everything, what helps the healing:

  • Your personal contact and escort awaits you at the airport upon arrival
  • We help you with arranging your transfers and transportation
  • With your hotel or hospital room reservations
  • Personal interpretation in the hospital, in your own language
  • 24 hour telephone service availability
  • Organization of recreational, and tourism programs, introduction of the country and its local products
  • We provide information about the social differences and local traditions and habits