Infectology is the science and study of conditions that are caused by an invasion of the human body by pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, parasites or fungi that then multiply and cause damage to the organism. The team of infectologists know the various ways a human can pick up infectious diseases, and the tests that are needed to diagnose them. The patient is then prescribed the medicine that is appropriate to treat the viral, bacterial, parasitical or fungal infection.

An infectologist plays an important part in combating serious viral diseases such as AIDS or hepatitis. The specialist of this field selects the correct drug or combination of drugs for these patients, constantly monitors the outcome of the therapy and adjusts it as and when necessary.

An infectologist also knows how infections are disseminated in the environment. The specialist adopts the procedures that are needed to prevent this from happening, such as immunizations or the disinfection of rooms and equipment.

Medical treatment for:

  • salmonella
  • bacterial infection
  • viral infection
  • yeast infection
Hungarian Defence Forces – Medical Center

The Medical Center have 8 different premises where one of the most important goals is to provide high quality treatment to the patients.

To achieve this goal we always try to reach development in Medical Care, Defence Health Issues, the High level education activity and Scientific researches.

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Albert Szent-Györgyi Clinical Centre

The University of Szeged and the privately owned company, UNI-MED Szeged Medical Services Kft., signed a cooperation agreement in order to achieve in the area of patient care and providing market opportunities.

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