The company was founded by physicians and tourism professionals, we realized the importance of professional healthcare and health guards services within Hungary, for travelers who come to Hungary for medical tourism reasons, or they just simply happen to be in the need of medical services. In case of medical emergency and in need of professional excellent medical services you are at the right spot. Do not hesitate to contact our skillful committed and competent team of MDs and touristic MD pros end experts.

Some of MDs and specialists spending their Residency training and also having worked as attending physicians in the United States of America and in many other high standard medical hospitals and clinics throughout the world. After many of them having moved back to Budapest and put their heads together they had decided to build a special medical and health care related assistance service to help foreign citizens and tourists with understanding the often confusing and usually a bit different from home health care practices in Hungary. Company’s aim is to exceed expectations and to provide the best available and most potential helping service. We are constantly and continuously growing and developing and we learn from your feedback and your ideas. Thank you for your time, and looking forward to helping you ASAP.

Main Components of Competence

  • International background
  • High medical knowledge
  • Foreign language knowledge
  • Patient care
  • Organized operational background

Clients can count on reliability, clear communication skills, and accurate information.

We specialize in emergency calls to river cruise companies’ vessels and ships so called floating hotels, or hotels motes, apartments and hostels on the ground surface as well.

Fees and payment conditions

Mobile Medical Services within 45-60 minutes 140 EUR
Prescribing pharmaceuticals or medications, based on existing and applicable medical records or valid prescriptions from another doctor. (Without these supporting documents a medical examination is compulsory and our full visit fees will apply.) 80 EUR
Small Procedures, Diagnostic Tests (e.g. injections, drainage, rapid urine test, Rapid Strep. test, ETOH test, bandages) plus 30 EUR
Each 15 minute periods started for waiting, if the patient is not available for the visit at the arranged time plus 30 EUR
Each 15 minute periods started for visits taking longer than 60 minutes plus 30 EUR

Preferred payment for is Cash, but credit card withdrawals are also a possibility, but that can increase the charges as well.

We provide a hand written medical report and invoice in English upon request, if the invoice is paid on the spot.

If it is required a typed version of the medical report and the invoice can be the other alternative.

General processing time is within 5 working days afterwards the documents will be sent via email in printable pdf attachments, digitally signed and securely locked.

You may be charged additionally in case of urgent document processing requests.

Prices and fees are set and fix prices in EUR, but can be paid in HUF or USD as well at the daily buy exchange rate.

Please be informed that if a service request is cancelled less than 60 minutes before appointment of the patient-doctor encounter, then our full service fee will be charged to the Requesting Party.

Average waiting time for house calls is within 45-60 minutes.