Dear Visitors,

We warmly welcome you in our hospital. I would like to welcome you with great pleasure on behalf of every colleague of the Bajcsy-Zsilinszky Hospital. You are holding the second issue of the information booklet that was made necessary by the several changes and improvements that took place in the hospital. In this brochure I would like to introduce to you the departments of our hospital and their professional profile.

The colleagues are committed to the treatments of high standard, to the continuous development and training. We are continuously developing this institution and the medical equipment to our best efforts. The management of the institution does everything possible to find the monetary sources and to rationalize their use so that the hospital can be a leading institute professionally for the sake of the best possible healing of its patients.

We publish this news and the changes taking place in the hospital on the website, where we are pleased to receive your remarks and suggestions as well. I hope that this brochure will serve as a sufficient source of information so that you can get acquainted with the employees and opportunities in this hospital.


The mission is to improve the medical status of all of patients and the population of Districts X and XVII of Budapest at the highest possible level in line with the current level of medication and the financial and material possibilities of the hospital.


Modern Surgical and Diagnostic Department makes it possible to treat patients at a European level, as a part of the modern health care structure. The reasonable and prompt examination, effective therapies are ensured by well-prepared professionals, extensive and modern diagnostics and full spectrum surgical care.


The commitment and participation of all of our colleagues is essential to meat and continuously improve quality goals.