In Heart of Europe: Medical Tourism Association Hungary

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We help you wherever you live abroad. As a member of the MTA organization goal is to exceed your expectations in the most convenient way for you, as we provide world-class Hungarian medical healthcare services. Please surf a bit on the website and search for your needs amongst provided medical services in one of the most beautiful touristic attractions of Europe and the world. Connect the useful with the pleasant, discover and explore, recreate and get treatments. Visit Budapest as a spa capital, find out why it is considered to be the pearl and the queen of the Danube, and make money on your travel experience. How? Find out yourself…keep reading

You do not speak Hungarian, you do not know how to get to us? No problem. You are in good hands right after you leave your doorstep, we take care of your transportation, via air, ground and water. We look after you during your whole stay, and we provide extra services in case you are open and eager on doing extra things. We do believe that after your visit and stay, you return home with memorable and excellent travel and medical service experience.

In measure that parallels the country’s sustained economic growth, heightened exposure to international markets, and the European Directive on cross-border healthcare, the Medical Tourism Association has established a joint Chapter Program in Hungary to raise awareness of the high level of health and wellness services available in Central Europe’s most Western-style democracy.

“When people think of Hungary in terms of health and wellness, thermal springs and dentistry are likely to come to mind. But, Hungary is also about orthopedic surgery, oncology with one of the best institutes in the world, ophthalmology, successful fertility treatments, cardiac- and locomotor disease rehabilitation and much more. Hungary has given many medical inventions to the world – vitamin C, the cure of puerperal fever, Sensolite treatment, Sonotherapy and the list just goes on, and on… now we have to adapt them well. The mission what we do is to provide a total healing experience beyond expectations. Outstanding service is not limited to medical treatments; it has to pamper the patient’s five senses to relieve body and mind. We proudly provide the best of what Hungary can offer. Professional medical care is based on information flow and trust. Therefore, each patient has an assigned personal assistant who provides detailed information about travel arrangements, suggested medical procedures, expected prices, the length of stay and after-care. Medical journey starts earlier than leaving from home. We help with planning, booking and constant attention.” said Akos Farkas, the CEO of MTA Hungary.

Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association, said new air traffic management policies that shorten routes into and out of Hungary and help reduce fares into the landlocked destination are influencing the travel plans of potential medical tourism patients beyond traditional Turkish baths.

“Hungary has a thriving dental tourism industry” said Stephano. “But dentistry alone is no longer enough to sustain Hungary as a leading destination in Europe for health and wellness. A new level of thinking must not only include the development of clinics that feature new and expanded specializations, but the education and training for those with a role in medical tourism to make novel thoughts a reality.”

To this end, Stephano said the Medical Tourism Association will work specifically with MTA Hungary to provide strategic, operational and educational support to develop certificate and training programs for hospitals, patient specialists and medical tourism marketing professionals.

Located in the heart of Europe where a new cross-border directive allows for the free movement of labor and patients across member states, Hungary has been an attractive destination for medical tourism patients from the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Russia and Scandinavia. Renowned for its thermal spring resorts, Hungary is also a prime health tourism destination for dental procedures and treatments, which an EU study concluded to be the most affordable among nine member nations.